A bit late, but hey, i was busy…engine_april_2015


3D Engine’ updates:

New features have been added to the engine during the past year:

  • new entity management system work in progress
  • Post Processing render passes
  • FXAA
  • SSAO
  • Sharpening filter
  • Gauss blur
  • Gamma correction
  • Assimp for model imports
  • Sky cubes
  • improved texture map handling
  • Octrees
  • early view frustum culling
  • unlimited amount of dynamic point lights
  • directional lights
  • ambient light
  • Deferred rendering pipeline
  • and more …




HwReceiver/HwTransmitter (Android App) hit alpha stage:

Basically you can follow any sensor of your desktop machine on your android device over a tcp ip connection. Here’s a link to the post: HwReceiver/HwTransmitter Alpha



New category knowledge:

I started a new category about programming related topics that are explained as short as possible but as descriptive as needed. That means the posts are short, but contain everything one should expect to get started. Here are the first two so far:



That’s  it so far…