At the moment I only have limited mobile bandwidth but still like to browse the web and read some articles. The problem with browsing news sites or blogs or basically anything today is the massive bloat that comes along the small information one is actually looking for. As I don’t care much about fancy css, js or images i decided to set up a small nodejs server app that loads the html document behind an url, strips all the bloat and only sends the text I want to read. This is compressor: It only works more or less for static sites. Everything that requires a login on dynamic elements, forms, javascript or all the other fancy things won’t work correctly.
This is how a techcrunch article looks like.
This is an arstechnica article.
Images are currently also replaced by a placeholder which links to the original just in case. All links are replaced by a compressor link so following links should lead to the same stripping like opening an url. If you like it, use it, if you abuse it, it will not stay public anymore! Source code will be released soon on github.

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