At the end of 2020 I started to fly quadcopters, and I got hooked! The freedome to fly how ever you want is awesome, but can also lead to damaged hardware pretty quick. My first copter was the HGLRC XJB 145 v1.2, which I destroyed a few times within the first 10 flights. RX loss has lead to a bad crash where I've broken one of its arms. This means I had to wait a few weeks for a replacement bottom plate. I also had problems with the VTX antenna after it got pulled a few times. Little did I know, as this damaged antenna destroyed a handfull of VTXs, but the worst part was the frame, which was a bit tricky to assemble. It was rather cramped, and every time you put it together something wasn't fitting 100% correct.

HGLRC XJB 145 v1.2 disassembled to replace the vtx.


TS3 update script


Here's a short TeamSpeak3 server update script that I am using from now on. It just needs the url for the archive as a parameter. One has to stop the service first and start it after the script completed. The copy command copies the downloaded files to ts3/ which is the directory where the actual ts3 server is located. Obviously this has to be adjusted.





What's benzine? That's the placeholder name of a project, I am working on for over a year now. It is supposed to be an online multiplayer game, based on the unity engine.

What is it about?

As I am currently the only developer working on this game in my spare time, I want to keep the game fairly simple. It is a turn based online multiplayer strategy game with two sides, blue and red, that fight over resources, construct fortifications and try to eliminate each other.

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Compressor preview


At the moment I only have limited mobile bandwidth but still like to browse the web and read some articles. The problem with browsing news sites or blogs or basically anything today is the massive bloat that comes along the small information one is actually looking for. As I don’t care much about fancy css, js or images i decided to set up a small nodejs server app that loads the html document behind an Read more…


openGL offscreen software rendering on linux server without x11


Ever tried to render something with openGL on a linux server that has no x11 installed nor has a physical gpu connected? I searched for a long time for a solution that would work almost out of the box and the first solution i could find was actually installing x11, mesa3d and a dummy x-display. Via putty that has x11-forwarding enabled it is possible to run x-applications just fine and even render with openGL thanks to mesa in software mode! But as soon as you close the ssh connection x11 stops and after that x-applications and openGL won't be able to connect to a display! So after every server restart openGL won't work anymore... So why do you need a display or x11 if you want to render offscreen? (more…)