Due to lack of time I wasn’t very productive the passt weeks…

University eats almost all my spare time. There is an on going software project this semester + weekly coding exercises in addition to the usual stuff you have to do -.-



Anyways… there are lots of features planned atm for the 3D engine. I started already weeks ago to implement a few of them but they are huge and need lot of time:

Model viewer with:

  • ASE/OBJ/FBX/BINARY model format loader
  • BINARY model format exporter
  • shader tweaking/coding at runtime
  • editing vars of models like light params and so on at runtime…


  • Bullet 2.8x

Android port:

  • code everything once again : )



Switcher, well … nothing done here yet, but still planned a major update. Only the time is missing.

Stay tuned.

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