The 2D part is right now going through a huge process of improvement. The UI has changed a bit, many buttons are removed and replaced by a “right click menu” (long press).

There is still a lot to do, but compared to what is done so far it seems to be a fairly small amount of work. Soooo, maybe this weekend or the next there will be an update : )

Little UI preview:

Upcoming changes, additional features and improvements:

  • button replacement with long press menu
  • improved task information text (html, allows to use colors, links and so on …)
  • system information, including cpu usage, ram usage and so on … ( maybe graphical )
  • settings, so you can customize a few parameters yourself
  • some performance and energy saving updates, so app does not consume so much power… (which is quite low atm but anyways…)

Oh and i have created a donation option for those guys who want to support us.

Btw, should Switcher be free or a paied app ? Leave a comment.

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