Ok, after a break from coding i went back to things and finished the task managment. It is now possible to go to tasks and close them without any problems. For killing tasks immediately a special certificate is needed with PowerMgmt capability, otherwise the thread panics and leads to an exit. One advanced feature will be the “Task Settings” window, where the user is able to, for example, send to the task events, like “EApaSystemEventShutdown”, kill the thread of the task or gain some interessting informations like “CPU time”, “Priority” and flags. But at this point i won’t spoil anything more about the upcoming features…

I’ve ran into a few problems during coding. One of them is the lack of knowledge about Symbian C++ coding. This makes it (for me right now) impossible to capture the menu key longpress event out of QT but i am working on it. The other problem is the 3D window which can’t get to work after opening the QT 2D content.

Anyways … i plan to release a lil beta soon (Some persons already had the luck to get their eyes on it)

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