During some days i worked over 8 hours on features or bug fixes, but i think it was worth it. A lot of changes happened to my little engine in the past few weeks so let’s sum up a few of them …



Last plans:

Planned features for this month:

  • frustum culling tweaks
  • quadtree
  • fixing 2 shaders
  • structure a few classes a little bit differently
  • raise the overall performance a bit
  • more advanced debugging/performance tools


Changes / achievements of the past weeks:

  • frustum culling works like a charm!
  • implemented 2 octrees for dynamic and static objects
  • restructured most of the classes
  • introduced CompositeObject class as a container for all GameObject related parts
  • performance is raised enormously by octrees under average conditions
  • added a few graphs to measure the performance
  • fixed memory leaks by using smart pointers
  • fixed “all” the bugs caused by switching to smart pointers
  • fixed a few minor bugs in the event system
  • fixed a few octree related bugs


Testing the loading of models into an OcTree:



Testing and debugging the OcTree with wireframes:




Testing the lights and by accident creating the loading animation 🙂






ToDos for the next weeks:

  • fix light brightness change (close / far)
  • make all light parameters accessable
  • add some sort of post processing AA shader
  • add some additional post processing shaders
  • make all shader variables accessable from the derived engine class
  • some sort of transparenzy which works with a deferred renderer
  • clean up some stuff…
  • test all the stuff…

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