openGL offscreen software rendering on linux server without x11


Ever tried to render something with openGL on a linux server that has no x11 installed nor has a physical gpu connected? I searched for a long time for a solution that would work almost out of the box and the first solution i could find was actually installing x11, mesa3d and a dummy x-display. Via putty that has x11-forwarding enabled it is possible to run x-applications just fine and even render with openGL thanks to mesa in software mode! But as soon as you close the ssh connection x11 stops and after that x-applications and openGL won't be able to connect to a display! So after every server restart openGL won't work anymore... So why do you need a display or x11 if you want to render offscreen? (more…)


Additional Project


Not long ago my laptop's GPU died and i was forced to take a break on my Engine project... The reason was the OpenGL version which i targeted. The Nvidia chip was capable of running the project, but the engine aims for OpenGL 4.0 or higher and my laptop's HD4000 can only run with OpenGL 3.3. This made be choose between two options,

  • bring the OpenGL version down to 3.3
  • get a new machine
"Downgrade" to 3.3 would mean, rewrite the shaders, change the rendering procedures and so on... so i bought a desktop machine with a bit more power. (more…)