March 2016 – October 2018


Fulltime software developer

I developed android applications for the Gear VR (Occulus SDK) and Zeiss VR One (Google Cardboard / Daydream). Another huge project was a cloud platform with user management, statistics, data synchronization with desktop and mobile clients, image data processing services build on top of C++, Java, openGL, sql and nosql databases. And ofcourse alot more which is out of this scope…

March 2015 – March 2016


Student employee

I maintained and improved gui software that manages virtual reality rooms. It was written for windows in C++, Qt, openGL and sqlite.

August 2015

BPM to Go: Supporting Business Processes in a Mobile and Sensing World

First publication

My first publication was actually written during the creation of my final thesis and there for is heavily related to it. You can have a look at it here.

November 2011 – October 2015

Media Informatics – Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Ulm University

I successfully acquired this degree graded with a 1.0 for my final thesis which is titled “Konzeption und Realisierung eines mobilen Frameworks zur markerinduzierten Darstellung von interaktiven 3D-Prozessmodellen”. Check it out here.

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